May 2020 Update

April 8, 2008 Interview with Emil Toader from Missio Link International in Romania

Over the last several weeks I have been planning and producing live interviews through Facebook Live with our missionaries with New International and other organizations we work with. We spoke to Emil Toader in Romania, Cammie McQuilkin in Italy, and, Devin Hubbard in Thailand. In the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing missionaries from South Africa, Australia, Germany, Zambia and more! There have been over 1,500 total views of the videos, and we are praying and working towards growth.

April 24 Interview with Cammie McQuilkin who serves in Salerno, Italy

This is a project I’ve been wanting to start since my family decided to become missionaries. I will be able to connect, on a regular basis, with our missionaries who are out serving God all over the world. You’ll get to hear their stories, see their needs, and know the impact they are making world-wide.

April 29 Interview with Devin Hubbard who serves in Thailand

Please pray for these missionaries as they are also experiencing a great deal of uncertainty right now. We are all partners together, and now we are a part of their story. Because you have prayerfully and financially supported our family in our calling, we are increasingly able to focus on ministering to missionaries by providing the video support they need.

If you missed our interviews, click on the images above. If you haven’t already, make sure you “friend” Joshua Dyer and “like” New International on Facebook. You’ll get the updates to all the live interviews we do.

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Family Update

How’s homeschool going? Or working from home? For some of you it’s been a big change. For others, the majority of your day has not shifted much. What has shifted is gathering around friends and family. Meeting at a coffee shop. Grabbing lunch with a friend, and even going to church has changed.

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For us, the boys continue to homeschool and do music. Malachi recently completed his spring harp recital and Ezra has become my technical director for our live interviews. We are all missing church, Sunday school and being around families that share our enthusiasm for Christ. Like most of you, we are eager to resume normal life.

Ezra has become my official Technical Director for our live interviews!

We are still planning to go back to Ohio in July, but we understand things may have to shift. We are hoping to speak at our home church, Grace Community Church in Toledo, when we do come back. We miss everyone, and we hope these videos keep everyone informed of us and the missionaries we are serving.

Ministry Funding Update

Currently we are nearly to 60% of our funding goal. This means we are not yet able to get to our final destination at the Global Outreach Center in Fort Myers, FL. Currently our focus is divided between contacting potential ministry partners and our ministry work of filming and editing videos, conducting and planning more interviews, and being available to the media team to give our missionaries full support. But God is good, and we know He will provide in His time.

Report from the Mission Field

Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous works among all the peoples!
Psalm 96:3

To God be all the Glory! I recently returned from my first assignment with New International, and witnessed God move in the lives of the youth in a powerful way. Three other missionaries and I served with Emil Toader of Missio Link International in Romania and Slavick Go of Solid Rock Missions in Ukraine. I filmed testimonies of these two ministries, taught classes on purity and on video production, worshipped alongside the youth, and heard firsthand how these ministries disciple young believers in these regions.

I want to thank our prayer partners and financial supporters for sending me to work alongside the ministries in Ukraine and Romania. This experience was another confirmation of the calling to use my talents for spreading the Gospel through video productions. Together we are helping spread the Gospel, providing resources to those in need, and promoting biblical discipleship.

If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? James 2:15-16

In Romania, I filmed individuals whose lives have been transformed by the work of the Lord through Missio Link and their dedicated support staff. Those videos will help tell their story of God revealing ministry opportunities to children at risk. Ends Cycling, a ministry of New International, will use these videos to promote their bicycling event in March as they ride to Key West, FL from Fort Myers, FL.

Missio Link International in Romania has several branches of ministry that focuses on children at risk. They have two homes called The Deborah House 1 and 2 which helps up to 20 girls recover from sexual abuse and/or human trafficking. The homes give them a safe place to live, teach them about their Heavenly Father, and shows them how to make wise life decisions. The girls range from 7 – 18 years old.

We met a family whose kids are getting a biblical education from Missio Link International’s Back to School Program while the mom attends Mom’s School to help her grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

Missio Link International About Video – Short Version
Missio Link International About Video -Long Version

Ministry Update – November 2019

This January, Josh has an opportunity to connect with and work alongside four different ministries. I will be going to Romania and Ukraine for my first overseas production! This is because of the generosity of everyone who has been praying for and financially supporting us. Thank You!

These four ministries all have the same goal of ministering to youth for Christ. Let me take you through how we all connect.

New International is the missionary-sending agency serving over 200 missionaries in over 40 different countries. They have many side ministries inside the umbrella of New International including Ends of Earth Cycling. I will be filming testimonies, prayer theme videos, and mission-centered videos for Ends Cycling in Romania and Ukraine.

Ends of the Earth Cycling is a bicycle ministry that uses the sport of cycling to raise funds and awareness for youth ministries around the world. In 2019 alone they raised over $100,000 to support 6 different youth ministries all over the world! This coming March and September they will be riding for two separate youth ministries – Missio Link International in Romania and Solid Rock Mission in Ukraine.

Part of Missio Link International’s mission is to address the spiritual and material needs of the children at risk in Romania. They have a special residential center to address special recovery programs for girls who are victims of severe abuse and human trafficking. They help with educational programs to help prevent school drop out, run a school for mothers to equip mothers in disadvantaged situations, provide Christian counseling based on Biblical education, and much more. The funds raised during the bike ride event in March will help these ministries grow and have a direct impact for Christ in Romania.

Based out of the village of Znamenivka in Ukraine

Part of Solid Rock’s mission is to provide Bible studies throughout villages and cities in Ukraine. Their method of spreading the Gospel is through children’s ministries, sporting events, social work, cultural events, educational activities, and youth camps.

One example of a life impacted by Solid Rock is Karina, age 20. While preparing for and helping with youth camp, she gave her life to Christ! She met the missionaries from Solid Rock, heard their message of true joy, and found peace in Jesus Christ!

The funds raised will help Solid Rock continue these youth camps, establish a rehabilitation center for youths, and help the ministry grow to hundreds of missionary church bases around the world!

Thank you for helping to send me to connect these ministries. Our family is excited to move forward to answer the call to produce videos supporting missions and ministries world-wide. If you’re not already, prayerfully consider joining us in this calling. Together, as a team, we will impact the Kingdom of Heaven!

Grow Where You’re Planted

Before I left my old job, a co-worker and friend told me that wherever I go – “grow where you’re planted.” It was a piece of advice that was given to him when he was seeking the Lord’s will.  I believe he wanted me to enjoy the time and place where I am living. Serve, live life, meet new people, have experiences, and make roots our family can enjoy right where I am.

There is an example of “grow where you’re planted” in  Jeremiah 29 when the Lord told the people of Israel to build houses, plant gardens, marry, and seek the welfare of the city of Babylon. God’s plan was for the people to be there for a while, so enjoy life. While Babylon was not their final destination, there was life to be lived while they were there.

Our time in Huntsville has been longer than expected, but while we have been here, we’ve taken our friend’s advice. We are part of an active church, and have found ways to serve and be involved. We attend a second church for Sunday evening service, and our oldest son just joined the youth worship band there playing piano. We’ve been meeting with new friends enjoying time with old friends. God has been so good to us during this transition.

I’m not sure when we will be fully-funded to head to our ultimate destination of Fort Myers, FL, but until we go, we will continue to enjoy what God has for us here and grow where we are planted.

I believe this has much to do with contentment. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says to let God’s grace to be sufficient for us. Job 36:11 tells us if we obey and serve God, we will spend our days in prosperity and contentment. Apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 4:11-13 to be content in whatever circumstances we are in and tells us to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. 

Are you content and happy where you are? Or are you consistently looking for something better? My advice: Grow where you are planted and enjoy life to the fullest. If God wants you to move on, He will clearly call you. Until then, enjoy life, be content, and make memories right where you are.

First Overseas Assignment

Filming in Romania and Ukraine January 2020

I am very excited to be filming my first overseas assignment this January! I will be capturing footage for Missio Link International in Romania and Solid Rock Mission in Ukraine.

One of many reasons I wanted to become a missionary is to be part of projects that promote holistic approaches to helping those in need all over the world. My purpose is to help people see how we all can be part of solutions to help those in need.

Our hope at New International is to produce video content that inspires people to be active in helping the youth of Romania and Ukraine by praying, financially supporting, and perhaps assisting the ministries with short-term ministry projects.

These videos produced will be used by Ends Cycling as part of their 2020 ride tour promotional material, video prayer themes, and overall awareness for the ministries in Romania and Ukraine.

In March 2020 I will be filming the 9th Annual Key West Bike from Fort Myers, FL to Key West, FL. This ride will raise support for Missio Link International in Romania in order for them to provide partnerships between Christians, churches, and organizations, aimed at Christian witnessing, edification and helping the exploited, abused, and trafficked children in Romania.

If you are interested in more information about this bike ride or would like to sign up as a rider or support staff please go to:

This coming September, the videos produced for the Ukrainian youth ministry, Solid Rock Mission, will be used to promote another bike ride beginning in Seattle, Washington. I will also be one of the videographers for that bike ride. The dates for this bike ride are September 12-16 and the ride will go from Seattle to a ferry ride to Whidbey Island to crossing the Deception Pass Bridge that connect to the US Bike Route 10 through the majestic Cascades Mountains. After climbing Washington Pass, they’ll meet the Columbia River and end in Bavarian-themed Leavenworth.

Deception Pass Bridge connecting Whidbey Island, WA to the mainland.

Breath-taking views through Washington Pass

So why bike rides? We are part of a movement to connect people who want to change the world with opportunities to use cycling to bring the hope of the Gospel to global youth through multi-day Christ-centered bicycling tours. As a videographer, I am able to capture both the ride and ministries they’re riding for, in order to help tell a complete story. Our goal is to go back to Ukraine and Romania after the funds have been raised to see the complete impact of those funds.

The complete cost for traveling and staying in Ukraine and Romania from January 1 – 11 is $2,300. The Seattle support team and Key West Bike team will cost around $1,000. While we have raised a majority of our living expenses we are asking for support for specific ministry expenses. Our complete 2020 ministry calendar goal will be coming soon. For now, would you consider financially joining us for this particular journey as a special project gift?

If you feel led to join our team with monthly financial support we would love to expand our team to do more ministry. Thank you.