May 2020 Update

April 8, 2008 Interview with Emil Toader from Missio Link International in Romania

Over the last several weeks I have been planning and producing live interviews through Facebook Live with our missionaries with New International and other organizations we work with. We spoke to Emil Toader in Romania, Cammie McQuilkin in Italy, and, Devin Hubbard in Thailand. In the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing missionaries from South Africa, Australia, Germany, Zambia and more! There have been over 1,500 total views of the videos, and we are praying and working towards growth.

April 24 Interview with Cammie McQuilkin who serves in Salerno, Italy

This is a project I’ve been wanting to start since my family decided to become missionaries. I will be able to connect, on a regular basis, with our missionaries who are out serving God all over the world. You’ll get to hear their stories, see their needs, and know the impact they are making world-wide.

April 29 Interview with Devin Hubbard who serves in Thailand

Please pray for these missionaries as they are also experiencing a great deal of uncertainty right now. We are all partners together, and now we are a part of their story. Because you have prayerfully and financially supported our family in our calling, we are increasingly able to focus on ministering to missionaries by providing the video support they need.

If you missed our interviews, click on the images above. If you haven’t already, make sure you “friend” Joshua Dyer and “like” New International on Facebook. You’ll get the updates to all the live interviews we do.

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Family Update

How’s homeschool going? Or working from home? For some of you it’s been a big change. For others, the majority of your day has not shifted much. What has shifted is gathering around friends and family. Meeting at a coffee shop. Grabbing lunch with a friend, and even going to church has changed.

Click image to watch video

For us, the boys continue to homeschool and do music. Malachi recently completed his spring harp recital and Ezra has become my technical director for our live interviews. We are all missing church, Sunday school and being around families that share our enthusiasm for Christ. Like most of you, we are eager to resume normal life.

Ezra has become my official Technical Director for our live interviews!

We are still planning to go back to Ohio in July, but we understand things may have to shift. We are hoping to speak at our home church, Grace Community Church in Toledo, when we do come back. We miss everyone, and we hope these videos keep everyone informed of us and the missionaries we are serving.

Ministry Funding Update

Currently we are nearly to 60% of our funding goal. This means we are not yet able to get to our final destination at the Global Outreach Center in Fort Myers, FL. Currently our focus is divided between contacting potential ministry partners and our ministry work of filming and editing videos, conducting and planning more interviews, and being available to the media team to give our missionaries full support. But God is good, and we know He will provide in His time.

Published by Josh Dyer – Media Missionary

A producer, director and editor for 14 years at a Christian television station and now using that experience to tell the stories of the courageous missionaries involved at New International.

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