Ministry Update – November 2019

This January, Josh has an opportunity to connect with and work alongside four different ministries. I will be going to Romania and Ukraine for my first overseas production! This is because of the generosity of everyone who has been praying for and financially supporting us. Thank You!

These four ministries all have the same goal of ministering to youth for Christ. Let me take you through how we all connect.

New International is the missionary-sending agency serving over 200 missionaries in over 40 different countries. They have many side ministries inside the umbrella of New International including Ends of Earth Cycling. I will be filming testimonies, prayer theme videos, and mission-centered videos for Ends Cycling in Romania and Ukraine.

Ends of the Earth Cycling is a bicycle ministry that uses the sport of cycling to raise funds and awareness for youth ministries around the world. In 2019 alone they raised over $100,000 to support 6 different youth ministries all over the world! This coming March and September they will be riding for two separate youth ministries – Missio Link International in Romania and Solid Rock Mission in Ukraine.

Part of Missio Link International’s mission is to address the spiritual and material needs of the children at risk in Romania. They have a special residential center to address special recovery programs for girls who are victims of severe abuse and human trafficking. They help with educational programs to help prevent school drop out, run a school for mothers to equip mothers in disadvantaged situations, provide Christian counseling based on Biblical education, and much more. The funds raised during the bike ride event in March will help these ministries grow and have a direct impact for Christ in Romania.

Based out of the village of Znamenivka in Ukraine

Part of Solid Rock’s mission is to provide Bible studies throughout villages and cities in Ukraine. Their method of spreading the Gospel is through children’s ministries, sporting events, social work, cultural events, educational activities, and youth camps.

One example of a life impacted by Solid Rock is Karina, age 20. While preparing for and helping with youth camp, she gave her life to Christ! She met the missionaries from Solid Rock, heard their message of true joy, and found peace in Jesus Christ!

The funds raised will help Solid Rock continue these youth camps, establish a rehabilitation center for youths, and help the ministry grow to hundreds of missionary church bases around the world!

Thank you for helping to send me to connect these ministries. Our family is excited to move forward to answer the call to produce videos supporting missions and ministries world-wide. If you’re not already, prayerfully consider joining us in this calling. Together, as a team, we will impact the Kingdom of Heaven!

Published by Josh Dyer – Media Missionary

A producer, director and editor for 14 years at a Christian television station and now using that experience to tell the stories of the courageous missionaries involved at New International.

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