Grow Where You’re Planted

Before I left my old job, a co-worker and friend told me that wherever I go – “grow where you’re planted.” It was a piece of advice that was given to him when he was seeking the Lord’s will.  I believe he wanted me to enjoy the time and place where I am living. Serve, live life, meet new people, have experiences, and make roots our family can enjoy right where I am.

There is an example of “grow where you’re planted” in  Jeremiah 29 when the Lord told the people of Israel to build houses, plant gardens, marry, and seek the welfare of the city of Babylon. God’s plan was for the people to be there for a while, so enjoy life. While Babylon was not their final destination, there was life to be lived while they were there.

Our time in Huntsville has been longer than expected, but while we have been here, we’ve taken our friend’s advice. We are part of an active church, and have found ways to serve and be involved. We attend a second church for Sunday evening service, and our oldest son just joined the youth worship band there playing piano. We’ve been meeting with new friends enjoying time with old friends. God has been so good to us during this transition.

I’m not sure when we will be fully-funded to head to our ultimate destination of Fort Myers, FL, but until we go, we will continue to enjoy what God has for us here and grow where we are planted.

I believe this has much to do with contentment. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says to let God’s grace to be sufficient for us. Job 36:11 tells us if we obey and serve God, we will spend our days in prosperity and contentment. Apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 4:11-13 to be content in whatever circumstances we are in and tells us to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. 

Are you content and happy where you are? Or are you consistently looking for something better? My advice: Grow where you are planted and enjoy life to the fullest. If God wants you to move on, He will clearly call you. Until then, enjoy life, be content, and make memories right where you are.

Published by Josh Dyer – Media Missionary

A producer, director and editor for 14 years at a Christian television station and now using that experience to tell the stories of the courageous missionaries involved at New International.

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