5 Take-Aways from Orientation

6 New Missionaries with New International Staff
(New Missionaries are BOLDED)
Back Row: Heather Burton, Jeff Metzger, Donny Fitzgerald, Joshua Dyer
Front Row: Joyce Hearl, Bekah Ochs, Sarah Fitzgerald, Jennifer Miller, Kara Ragan

Last week was an intense and highly informative week of Orientation at New International’s Center for Global Outreach in Fort Myers, FL. Six new missionaries came on board including me. Three of us joined the media department, another missionary is headed to Germany to help refugees, another is headed back to South Africa to continue her ministry providing leadership and care to children and women of the Xhosa people, and one lady was joining her husband as an official affiliated missionary.

2019 Media Team

Top Row: Josh Dyer (Video) Josh Walker (Photography, Design, Video) Abigail Alter (Director of Communications) Bekah Ochs (Photography, Creative Writing)

Bottom Row: Sarah Fitgerald (Video – Living in Germany) Rachel Pillard (Design) and Carson Latham (Video, Design)

5 Takeaways from Orientation

  1. Clear mission and vision
    • Our purpose is to proclaim Christ and make disciples globally
  2. Unity in mission and purpose
    • Everyone is playing for the same team. Everyone, from the President to the Interns, are there to help each other achieve the purpose and calling God has placed in each of us.
  3. Commitment to Excellence
    • God’s standard is the highest standard. The team is committed to do all things with excellence. Doesn’t mean we have achieved that in all aspects, but that is our goal and the standard we set for every missionary.
  4. Plenty of Media Resources
    • By joining New International our family will be receiving immediate resources to help further our success and impact. Including, but not limited to free newsletters, business cards, thank you cards, giant displays, response cards, magnets, website management, unlimited Google Drive, and much more. The media team will work with us and the needs of our particular ministry, which will help us do our video ministry better.
  5. Josh’s Role
    • After orientation things are taking shape. As an experienced producer, I believe the Lord will use my knowledge and skill set to help steer the video department. I will be working on several video projects while I am finishing up raising the rest of our support. One of the first projects is to game plan how we intend to have video support to the 200+ missionaries and not overcommit ourselves. I will also be working with different ministries inside New International like Ends of Earth Cycling www.endscycling.com to help promote them through video support.

What’s Next

We will continue support raising in Alabama while we live at the missionary house. Our plan is to find partners who believe in the power of media to influence, inspire, and encourage people. God has kept this vision and given us focus to provide for the missionaries with this incredible resource. Please continue to pray so together we can grow His Kingdom!

Published by Josh Dyer – Media Missionary

A producer, director and editor for 14 years at a Christian television station and now using that experience to tell the stories of the courageous missionaries involved at New International.

2 thoughts on “5 Take-Aways from Orientation

  1. This is really awesome Josh. We are so excited for you and Alana and pray for you and your family daily.🙏🙏🥰🥰✝️✝️❤❤


    1. Thanks, Judy! I am excited as well and we are excited that you continue to minister through television, music, photography, and your poems. You’re so gifted and you lay it at the feet of Jesus as a sweet fragrance.


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