Passion for Storytelling

Josh on location near Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore with another producer with WLMB, Jared Smith.

So, why did I leave my great job to become a storyteller for missionaries? Ultimately, it was the passion for hearing and sharing how God works in unique and unquestionably supernatural ways throughout the world.

When you hear the phrase “only God”, when there’s no other explanation, it’s exciting and inspiring. Like when Joshua (Bible Joshua) asked God to make the sun stand still, or when Peter walked on the water. There is no other way “but God.”

I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to film and edit many testimonials of individuals making life-changing decisions because God got a hold of them in a special way. In being a part of a team to produce this content, I wanted even more to tell stories of God impacting lives. When I was asked to consider filming and telling missionary stories, I was excited at the opportunity to produce more videos of God’s goodness. I am looking forward to produce more “God Stories” of missionaries throughout the world.

Currently, New International has over 240 missionaries serving in over 40 countries! There is a great need and I believe He directed this opportunity to me and to our entire family. My responsibilities would include producing testimonials, promos, social videos and much more. I would also develop the video department in order to keep up with the demand for storytelling through video. I would travel to the missionaries to record their stories and then edit them back at home base in Fort Myers, Florida. I would also train new missionaries who have a desire to serve through video production. This spoke to my core desire to serve God in a very special way and thats is why we said yes to this calling!

New International will use the videos to grow awareness of the organization, promote their vision and purpose, and ultimately carry out the Great Commission. Missionaries around the globe will use these videos to promote their ministry, encourage believers, expand their outreach, and be more effective for Christ.

Published by Josh Dyer – Media Missionary

A producer, director and editor for 14 years at a Christian television station and now using that experience to tell the stories of the courageous missionaries involved at New International.

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